I bet you’ve heard people say it. But what do they mean?

That’s in release

ITIL ConfusionToo often the area of ITIL Release and Deployment Management suffers from being the catch all process. If something is currently being addressed, then … it’s in release. That’s sad and insufficient.

Three Processes of Release And Deployment

A better approach is to take time to understand the underlying problems. As we dig into it we’ll discover that there are three problems. Check the video.

ITIL Is Not Best Practices

Terminology matters. There is a difference between a best practice and a recommendation. A best practice must be implemented and proven; otherwise it is just a recommendation.

My Recommendation

Simplify technology transition with three Release And Deployment Processes:

  1. Release Management - planning and communication of technology solution improvements.
  2. Enterprise Deployment - coordination of transition efforts to utilize human and capital equipment between development/engineering and production availability.
  3. Operational Change Deployment - a sub-process of Change Management to ensure reliabile transition into specific configuration items.

Release and Deployment Management doesn’t need to be difficult, nor confusing. Drive clarity, be specific, and be consistent.